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As a digital advertising professional, I’ve written copy that spans a great breadth of client voices and content formats. Beyond my intuitive understanding of how to craft fluid, SEO-friendly copy, my greatest asset is my boundless curiosity: I love digging deep into subjects so I can transform the mundane into something that informs, inspires, or entertains an audience.

Outside of the "professional" context, I use writing as a vehicle to share my perspective on modern culture and the world at large. As a blogger and nonfiction writer, I extract significant ideas from the esoteric and enjoy finding humor through unexpected juxtapositions.  I’m comfortable writing about everything from sports to music to politics for a young, culturally literate audience. I have experience conducting interviews, covering live events, and packaging my writing in a variety of formats and voices. You’ll find some recent samples of my work below. For a more comprehensive look at my work as both a writer and editor, you can check out Thirsty & Miserable, a writing project I co-founded in early 2015, and you can also take a look at some writing I've done for brands over here

So whether you need 1,000 words about an emerging cultural trend or have some ad copy that needs a little wordsmithing, I’m ready for whatever you can throw at me. Let’s get to work.


Japandroids Yell Like Hell to the Heavens 

For Thirsty & Miserable

There aren’t many bands that still feel larger than life, but Japandroids are one of them. With their raw, incendiary sound and impassioned lyrics that can imbue even the strongest cynic with a thirst for adventure, Brian King and David Prowse make music that is both visceral and transformative.

Extra Crispy Bacon Experiment.jpeg

This Diet Guru Lost 20 Pounds Eating Two Pounds of Bacon Per Day

For Extra Crispy

In October 2015, Dan Quibell lost almost 20 pounds by eating two pounds of bacon every day. He was cooking up so much of the stuff that he was downing shots of bacon grease because he didn’t know what else to do with it. Did Dan lose a bet? Did he hope to shuffle off this mortal coil in one last blaze of bacon glory? Believe it or not, he was trying to eat healthier. 

LP .jpg

RIP Vinyl: The Lost Thinkpiece Demo Tapes 

For Thirsty & Miserable

On paper, Vinyl was right up my alley. From the moment I saw the trailer, I figured I’d eventually write something lauding its accurate portrayal of a fascinating time and place in the history of rock ‘n roll, or else self-indulgently expound on what I would have done differently. Eventually, though, I just wanted to survive the show.

Zuckerberg F8

Augmented Reality is Coming to Facebook: What Marketers Need to Know  

For Adculture

In his F8 keynote speech, Mark Zuckerberg  gave updates on everything from AI chatbots in messenger to a new social VR platform, the most significant announcement was Facebook’s investment in augmented reality. With Zuckerberg’s declaration that Facebook intends to turn your smartphone’s camera into a mainstream augmented reality tool, advertisers have been put on notice.