Currency at a Crossroads

Client: Western Union 

Currency at a Crossroads

What I worked on:

An interactive scrolling page that fuses copy, graphics, video, and interactive elements to trace the evolution of currency and explain where it's headed. 

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The Challenge:

Western Union tasked us with creating of attention-grabbing content that could position them as a thought leader in the digital currency space while also asserting the continued importance of traditional forms of payment.

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What I Did: 

I helped conceptualize and create a scrolling page dubbed “Currency at a Crossroads,” which incorporated text, data visualization, videos, and interactive modules. These elements combined to tell the story of money’s past, demystify current payment habits, and explain the latest digital currency trends and technologies. In collaboration with UX designers and other members of our content team, I helped determine the page’s narrative structure, research topics, draft copy, and plotted out the page’s multimedia and interactive elements.

The Result:

More than 65,000 page views and 63,000 engagements on Facebook since its February launch.